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After you click on the "Reset" option, there will be a list of options displayed, prompting you to select the area you wish to reset. Step 4. Check the areas if applicable, or you can directly click on "Reset All" button. Click the "Phonebook" menu and choose the option of "Management" or "Settings". Select the "Delete All" option and then the phonebook will be reset to default status.

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Click the "Messages" menu and choose the option of "Settings". Then, choose "Delete All" button from the available options. If you haven't seen this option, you can turn to the "Inbox" and view one of the existing messages. Click on "Options" and select "Delete All". If you need, you can repeat the same operations for "Missed calls", "Received calls", "Dialed calls" and "Recent contacts". Launch the SIM card reader program if it does not launch automatically.

What kind of SIM card do you use?

Once the SIM card reader program is launched successfully, you can view the contents of the SIM card reader program, with different menu options are displayed for you to manage the contents. Enter the application's menu and choose the "Reset" button. If you haven't seen this option, you can turn to the "Help" menu and search for the "Reset" option.

Step 5.

Just select them all and right-click to choose the "Delete" button. But how?

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There is a risk - simple deleting or resetting can not really erase the data, SIM card data recovery software can make deleted data recovery possible. After all, simple deletion within the device itself cannot truly perish those files once and for all. With it, you are free to fully wipe out Android SIM card.

All saved files will be automatically detected and displayed on the main interface.

Why SIM Card Cannot Be Detected?

In fact, this problem can be caused by many reasons:. To solve the problem that SIM card cannot be detected by the device, you can try several simple tips and tricks at first.

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The first attempt could be restarting the device. This is means is often used to solve different kinds of phone issues and it works at most time. So you can try it first.

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Just press down the Power button of your device to switch it off. Then wait for a while and hold down the Power button to reboot it. After that, just make a call to check whether the SIM card can be recognized now.

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If the first way fails, you need to check if the card or card tray is broken. Just power off the device and then remove the card from the SIM slot. Then insert the card to another SIM card tray to see whether it works well. If not, the card must be damaged or broken and you should take it to the carrier to repair it.

Why is my sim card slot, not reading my sim card?

And also, you can check the SIM card tray in the same way. After the inspection, if you find nothing wrong with the card and slot, you need to place it back to the card tray properly. You can follow the steps below to insert the card:. Another methods that most users use to fix the error is to enable the Airplane mode on the device.

How to extract SIM card data from Android devices [Tutorial] | Packt Hub

The specific steps are:. A wrong network mode would cause the SIM card detection failure as well. Thus, you can try to set th network mode to auto to settle the problem. The means to set the network mode on Android phone and iPhone is a little bit disparate. Then you can tap on the Home button to return to the Home screen to use the auto network connection and attempt to use your SIM card.

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