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Browse through call logs, see messages, surf through the internet history, follow up the calendar events with Cocospy. Follow the important information exchanged through emails and the random banter of social media accounts. Moreover, you can track location based on the GPS data, set up Geofence alerts, capture and record phone surroundings.

With its bright colored interface, Cocospy makes the spying activity enjoyable. Even a non-technical user can navigate throughout the application intuitively. You can see the device information, most frequently connected contacts, last known locations, top 5 calls, and top 5 messages.

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Switch between different options to see data accordingly. Getting started with Cocospy is pretty simple. The setup can be completed within a few minutes. You need to download and install the app on the target Android device.

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Configure the device by following Cocospy Setup Wizard. Yes, you read it right. There are no glitches and hidden conditions. The other spy solution requires a rooted device to enable third-party app monitoring and other advanced features. The Cocospy stands out unique. Built with cutting-edge technologies, Cocospy allows you to avail complete functionality of the spy solution without rooting the device, unlike its competitors. The solution is free from malware and virus programs.

10 best spy apps for Android!

It does not induce malware nor it steals data from the target device. It is a legal spy application and can be used by anyone for legal spying purposes. This means that you ought to inform the device user about being monitored. Primarily, it has been developed to help parents monitor the activities of their kids. Cocospy runs in complete stealth mode. The spy service continues to run in the background silently.

With a smaller footprint of less than 2MB, it does not eat up the memory space. Neither it heats up nor drains out the battery quickly.

How To Spy On Any Android/iPhone Smartphone! - (Spyzie)

Cocospy offers three pricing packages so that you can choose amongst them. You may want to get a monthly basic plan before you purchase the long term premium package. Check out the pricing package here. Spyic is another popular and useful Android monitoring application. It is reliable spyware which is widely used by people across the globe. It is a lightweight solution to meet all your monitoring needs.

Premium Versions Deliver More

You can remotely keep a track on all activities of the target device. Spyic offers all basic standard monitoring features. You can track call history, read text messages, see contact details, see media files, view calendar events, view notes and sneak inside the internet browsing history. Click here to see the live demo and play around with it. Spyzie is also one of the best phone spy apps that is powerful and efficient as Cocospy and Spyic. Spyzie, in comparison, is more obscure, which makes it less reliable.

Spyzie can also spy on Android phones without having to root them. It gives you access to features such as accessing phone calls and contacts, reading messages, tracking GPS location, recording phone calls and surrounding sounds, and receiving instant SMS notifications regarding activities.

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  • Furthermore, it allows you to spy on cell phone without accessing to the target phone. It allows you to track all social media account, track location, access the keylogger feature, and various others.

    Top 10 Best Free Hidden Spy Apps For Android Undetectable

    FlexiSPY is the most advanced spy app for Android. It allows you to monitor all cell phone digital communications and activities remotely and has some of the most advanced features. For example, it allows you to listen to live phone calls secretly and even record them. As a cell phone tracker, it can record all SMS, call history, audio files, access the camera, track cell phone location, and access all Social Media accounts such as WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Instagram, etc.

    Spyera is a basic spy app for Android that gives you access to all of the most basic monitoring functions you need such as call logging and message tracking. However, what makes this app appealing is the fact that it comes with a day money-back guarantee. As such, if you have limited monitoring needs, get them done within 10 days of the purchase and then get your money refunded! TheTruthSpy is a risky purchase.

    Even the best Android antivirus apps won't be able to protect you from it. It is "evident and undeniable that the examined application is capable of collecting and managing vast amounts of very specific data," said the report from German information-security firm Cure The Cure53 researchers analyzed the Android version of Study the Great Nation and found that it used deliberately weak encryption when handling biometric data, scanned devices to see which other apps were installed and sent detailed logs of user activity to the app's servers every day.

    The researchers suspected the app had other spying features, but parts of its code were encrypted and could not be analyzed. Furthermore, if an Android phone is already "rooted," then the app can also act as a "superuser," allowing the program to do anything on the device. This includes installing other apps or changing system functions and features — a classic "backdoor.

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    Study the Great Nation is developed and maintained by Chinese internet giant Alibaba, but it also has some interaction with rival company Tencent. The Cure53 researchers found that much of the app's communications were encrypted with secure cryptographic algorithms — except when it came to securing biometric data, and the storage and communication of email messages. Fingerprints, facial recognition and email messages were secured using the old, weak DES algorithm. This form of encryption dates back to the s and was conclusively "broken" in Now, cryptographers can reverse it in a matter of days, or even hours.

    The Cure53 report said that there's no way this usage of weak encryption can be a mistake, and that this practice permits "a government agency [to] be able to decrypt emails and biometric data on a mass scale.